Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm in the homestretch

Well I was taking stock of everything that has to be done for the completion of my projects so I can finally move on to the sweet baby CD of them all that I have been dreaming of doing for several years now, "Blessed By A Mac - A Tribute To Dr. John," and I see that I have a problem. An impediment. It's possibly a psychological condition that keeps me from attaining my goals. I put too much on my plate and move on to the next before I see through completion of the first.

Currently, I have The Lagniappe Mixtape Pt. 2 - The Pressure Principle, which only needs one verse from Nesby Phips done, EF Cuttin's mix and cover art done....I have Marie Laveaux's Hustle, which has been 95% done since mid '08....I have the CD with Bazooka Joe nearing completion, and I have my wife's album 95% done. Mind you, I can't put any of these on pause to finish any one at a time because it all depends on how I feel that day as to what gets worked on. And on top of all that, I just dropped my new CD, Category Shybe that requires promotion and attention for it to be successful, even though it is mostly cutting room floor scraps.

Let's set a gameplan:
1. Get that Phips verse and wrap up that Lagniappe for good.
2. Get Rita's album mixed because it's brilliant and experimental.
3. Continue down this good road with Bazooka Joe - the album is dope.

I need help.