Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Lagniappe mixtape Pt. 2 - The Pressure Principle download

The Lagniappe Mixtape Pt. 2 - The Pressure Principle! Coming very soon! (Artwork By Roan Know One Smith aka The Kid)

DOWNLOAD The Pressure Principle! HERE!!!

CD art by Roan "Know One" Smith


THE VIDEO IS DONE!!! It got drama...action....suspense!!! Humor!! Nudity!! Ok not nudity, but....

New single "DO IT!" feat. Prince Po of Organized Konfusion

I hope yall like CD Marie Laveaux's Hustle coming soon!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm in the homestretch

Well I was taking stock of everything that has to be done for the completion of my projects so I can finally move on to the sweet baby CD of them all that I have been dreaming of doing for several years now, "Blessed By A Mac - A Tribute To Dr. John," and I see that I have a problem. An impediment. It's possibly a psychological condition that keeps me from attaining my goals. I put too much on my plate and move on to the next before I see through completion of the first.

Currently, I have The Lagniappe Mixtape Pt. 2 - The Pressure Principle, which only needs one verse from Nesby Phips done, EF Cuttin's mix and cover art done....I have Marie Laveaux's Hustle, which has been 95% done since mid '08....I have the CD with Bazooka Joe nearing completion, and I have my wife's album 95% done. Mind you, I can't put any of these on pause to finish any one at a time because it all depends on how I feel that day as to what gets worked on. And on top of all that, I just dropped my new CD, Category Shybe that requires promotion and attention for it to be successful, even though it is mostly cutting room floor scraps.

Let's set a gameplan:
1. Get that Phips verse and wrap up that Lagniappe for good.
2. Get Rita's album mixed because it's brilliant and experimental.
3. Continue down this good road with Bazooka Joe - the album is dope.

I need help.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Son Jumping On My Back

Incredible...I did a bloggerino....